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Think I found it - Oil leak at push rod

Late last year when it went to the shop the 1st of 2 times, they pointed out a fluid leak at my clutch slave. Turns out the slave was trashed and I replaced it. I noticed signs of wear on the push rod and its seals and replaced them all. This was between trips to the shop - and I was not running the bike since something needed checking on.

Bike went in for the 2nd go, came out and I had the oil woes described here an in my other threads. Since there was no running I never found this issue.

Seems the source of my troubles is a leak from the push rod and not any area touched by the service shop. I need to do a little more cleaning to be 100% sure. But in my quick look there sure seemed to be fresh oil on the rod end that was seeping down around the sprocket and down to the side stand.

Since the push rod and it's seals are brand new I'm a little mystified. I've got another set of seals that I plan to put in place
-But are there any tricks to this?

I didn't think a push rod should be any mroe complex than sliding it into place. Is there anything else in there that could fail and result in a leak?

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