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<:: East Bay Ride ::><:: Saturday 4/5 ::>

East Bay Is Pig Latin For Beast For A Reason

This will be a strictly riding weekend no fancy bbq's and motogp viewing at some posh location (is my jealousy on missing the ride coming through?)

I'm thinking East Bay, cause it easy for me, and it usually keeps the number of participants down, cause no one likes to visit the BEAST.

I think I'll be riding NEWBEE's pace from BARF 90 mins or less from Livermore to San Jose... hahah J/K! I'm not insane (that is what his ride pace is though)

For those of you looking to put some miles on your bikes before the Monday track day this would be perfect. If you want to get hardcore I'm sure I could be talked into doing a good 300 miles of twisties Saturday.

I usually start my rides early before the , tourist, bicyclist, and road racers wake up. But since the sun doesn't rise until like 7:15am I'm probably going to push the start time to 9am (I'll probably be doing a Redwood pre-ride, starting in Castro Valley at like 8/8:30am if anyone is interested)

The route is up for discussion so input please. I'll probably be riding my bike into San Francisco after the ride to get new tires so if you want to we can BBQ it up at Zeitgeist


Who's In:
TCK*This is Sparta!
Vindingo*This is Sparta!

* = Up for 300 mile ride
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