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Re: New Triumph 675

Originally Posted by ASADO
Nothing wrong with the D675, very nimble, fast and agile. Maintenance cost (i logged in almost 7k miles in 6 mos) and mods (price wise and availability) are pretty close with the Japanese counterparts. I had a bad car accident 4 years ago (t-boned by a gas guzzler, lane hogging Escalade) and the outcome was a slight neck problem. That being said, the D675's agressive riding position became evident in long rides (2+ hrs) and my neck wasnt to happy. Its a fun machine but since my riding consists of 70% commuting and 30% leisure, it was a no brainer that the monster suits me perfectly.

As i previously stated, I wished that I could have kept both. Cant go wrong with the D675 but I love Max and wouldnt give him up

For not disimilar reasons to Asado... I still love the 675, my mate has one and I miss it. Like wise Asado, wish I could have both.

I sent mine sideways down a bit of black top that resulted in a write off. When i was looking for a new bike, i wanted something more upright. As awesome as the seating position is when your going hell for leather, for general commuting is was a bit of a pain.

The decision in getting the Duc was that i didn't want anyting Japanese, my mates had a speed triple and super duke, which really leaves the Monster, Hypermotard and Tuono.

needless to say the monster won.
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