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Hi Guys,

I am a relatively new Ducati Monster owner. Picked up my S4R Monster in late January from Ducati Adelaide and now have just completed the first 1000km and had the service done. Along with the 1st service I had a rear hugger installed, oggy knobs, 14T front sprocket and bar risers. All great modifications with the bike a little better off the line with less clutch load and more tractable around town in 3rd gear. The oggy knobs look great as does the hugger and the bar riser has taken some pressure of the wrists and hence less "pins and needles".

Now I am about to order new Rizoma reverse retro mirrors, grips, bar ends, and clutch and brake reservoirs...mmm...

Would love the full 50mm Termignoni DP exhaust but that is still a little steep pricewise for me.. but .. mmm. Maybe soon.

Anyway thought I best introduce myself and I look forward to all the great information that this site will provide etc.


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