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Re: Home Espresso Machines

Originally Posted by The Spider
The Silvia is considered by a lot of aficionado's and coffee purists to be the best valuse under $2000 (it is around $700 down under)....after that you go to ECM etc and have it plumbed in.

The matching grinder is great
So ypou've got all the good advice already Joe, I'll just add...

Don't skimp on the grinder. (and _certainly_ don't use preground beans).

Like others have said, the Rocky/Silvia combo is pretty much considered the "standard" home espresso setup - with good beans and once you get used to using it, you'll pretty quickly be making better cappuccinos than 99% of the cafes in the world. That combo will come pretty close to fitting in to your space requirements (if those numbers are critical let me know and I can get them measured up accurately for you).

Also +1 to hanging around on coffeegeek.com for advice (and since you feel free posting up in Oz Monsters, I'll throw in a good word for coffeesnobs.com.au too...)

big (looking forward to hearing reviews of Stumptown, Bluebottle and Rituals latest single origins...)
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