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Re: Home Espresso Machines

Originally Posted by Palooka
What sort of budget do you have? That will drive the answer.

I have a Rancillio Silvia, which is one of the most decent low end machines around. I also have a Rancillio Rocky grinder, but if you are not going to grind your own you may get by without one. All up I spent about $1000 on the pair.

If you have 2-3K to spend there are a lot more option available to you.

Listen to this man, we call him Palooka, others call him 'the owl' or quite simply "the knowledge" for he is wise and knowledgeable.

The Silvia is considered by a lot of aficionado's and coffee purists to be the best valuse under $2000 (it is around $700 down under)....after that you go to ECM etc and have it plumbed in.

The matching grinder is great, I have the Mazza Mini and cannot fault it, however the Mazza is what is in cafe's (usually the jolly roger but some use the Mini for decaf blend) and the footprint is quite large.

Good beans are important too. garbage in, garbage out.
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