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Re: Excellent Chain And Sprocket Information

Originally Posted by Monstaman
Actually, I did not write it, this is great work from Shazaam from Speedzilla, I asked a question and this is what he came back with, very good info and I wanted to share it, I summarised it at the top by saying what was optimal, i.e. odd numbers sprockets.

It is always nice to have some insight into what we can do to keep the running cost of our machines down.

hwjar, you should appreciate free information and read my summary first, when you sound unappreciative people may not rush to give you further info, and for your info I clock up considerable miles on my bikes and don't sit there doing math about it.
It's always nice to get some educational benefit out of something you love to do. i appreciate you posting this man, and I'm sure others do as well. Don't let the last two throw you off.

to you.
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