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Re: Timing belts....why 12K km?

Originally Posted by Desmopilot
The only comment I would share is that hey are cheep and easy to replace, why not just replace them vs wonder?
Well, after reading some of the threads, there is little peace of mind to be had by replacing early. There is one case of a belt breaking at 1000 miles!!! Also, someone pointed out, many things will fail early in their lifecycle due to a manufacturing defect or installation error. Ducati says 18K miles for my belts, and I think, due to the very critical nature of the item, they would use a very conservative figure to minimize the risk of lawsuits etc. There is little evidence of timing belts faliing and I'd bet a fair amount of $$ that there are many Ducs out there that receive very little maintainence. Heck PhilB did 24K miles on a regular basis so going 18K is pretty conservative.
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