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starting problem and did my foam earplug really fix it?

After 1/2 hour of riding i stopped and shut off my bike to open a couple of vents on my jacket. When i tried to start it back up the headlight came on but the fuel pump did not buzz and the starter would not turn. I hit the starter button a couple more times and still nothing.
I checked my fuses to see if one had gotten loose and the 30 amp blue fuse seemed to have a bit of a wriggle to it compared to the others so i pushed it down and hit the starter button and it started right up.
I always carry an extra set of the disposable earplugs with me so i carefully put one on top of the fuse and put the top of the fuse box back on and rode the bike another 80 miles with 2 stops and restarts and everything appeared to be fine .
Now i'm not sure if this was the actual problem or could it be something else that will really leave me stranded. Has anyone had this problem before ? The bike is a 00 900 S model with Original battery , starter , etc.

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