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Re: turning right...why does it seem harder??

Originally Posted by philb
I might guess that our experience on the road makes us more wary of the right side (in the U.S.) because when you turn right in normal traffic, there are things much closer to your right side (lampposts, waiting pedestrians, etc.) than on the left. The way to check if this is true would be to see if riders in Britain/Australia/Japan are more wary of left turns in general.

Well Im down here in Australia and I also find turing right harder (and am right handed).

I have, however, had a right side crash so that may be a more reasonalbe answer in my case. I forced myself over a few weekends to really hang off the right side, and i think that it worked, and now i naturally tend to hang off the right better (though still not as good as the left).

I like the "protect the dominant side" arguement!
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