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Re: Orders from Italy - how long did you wait?

Originally Posted by DucSea
Which tank cover are you looking at ??* The one from Ducati is part of a Bagster Tank bag set up..* is this what you are after * * You can buy just the cover seperately but it is designed to work with the tank bag.* If what you are trying to do is just protect the tank there are other options.*
Yeah, it's the Bagster cover made for Ducati. Separately, I was going to buy one of the newer Bagster tank bags like the Athena or Tektra. But I can't buy anything yet, until I get the cover.

What sucks is that I already paid for it 3 months ago. I should be charged when the product arrives at the dealer especially when they know orders from Italy take forever.

Anyhow, I was thinking of getting one of the AXIO backpacks if I never get this cover
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