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Re: Orders from Italy - how long did you wait?

Originally Posted by Jstyle
What's the longest you've waited on an order from Italy?
I ordered a tank cover 3 months ago and still haven't received it.
What's worse, is that the dealer I bought it from says there's no way for them to track the order.
Is there someone at Ducati I can complain to? This is ridiculous. They seriously have to improve their business communications with the U.S. (You know - tracking numbers, a postcard at least saying your order is delayed, a customer service #, etc.).

What have your experiences been like and what did you do?
The dealer isn't kidding. All we can see is if it's still on backorder or not. When it drops off that list, it's usually just a couple of days out.

Even at a dealer, I've waited months for parts. In fact, when I was waiting for my yellow "beer tray", the DNA parts manager couldn't find any record of the part being shipped from Italy, told me it probably was never coming and to make other plans. It showed up a few days later, having been shipped from Italy two weeks before we had that conversation.

So, no, there's nobody to complain to.
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