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Re: Leathers

You'll never guess what the gear of choice is in the Philadelphia, PA area!! 1 out of 20 riders you see full leathers. For the most part you see, shorts(the baggy kind) t-shirt and sneakers with no socks!!! For cooler days they where jeans(usaully the baggy kind) t-shirt maybe a hooded sweatshirt, sneakers, no socks!! The Harley riders, usually jeans (chaps in colder weather) a good HD leather jacket leather gloves, and on your noggin, a (novelty) skid lid!!! A full face helmet on a Harley is a no-no!!! I... wear a good HD leather jacket, jeans good leather gloves, a fullface for the Ducati, a skid lid for the Harley Almost nobody around here wears full leathers, can anybody explain whyIn the summertime you see guys riding with NO shirts, shorts and flip flops!!!!The girls especially the HD as little as possible!!

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