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Re: Leathers

OK, here's my list (if I can remember it all). If I'm leaving town, it's always either the Dainese 2-piece, Fieldsheer combo, or A-starts Jacket w. Fieldsheer pants (rain). The other stuff is a combination of stuff that I'll wear around town depending on what bike I'm riding and where I'm going.

20+ Year old Wilsons Biker Jacket
Dainese Tattoo Jacket (crash tested!)
Alpinestars Road Gear Jacket (almost waterproof)
Fieldsheer Titanium Air Jacket
Joe Rocket Phoenix Jacket (XL, only worn twice, may be for sale next week)

Dainese Techno pants
Dainese P.103 (crashed, need repair)
First Gear leather pants
Fieldsheer Highland pants
Occaisionally I'll wear Levis around town (I guess I'll never learn)

Sidi Vertebra II Air Carbon
Alpinestars SMX (crashed/melted/beat up, but more waterproof than the Sidi Air)
Altama Tactical boots (Easier to shift than my Danners, More comfortable than my Docs)

Teknic Violator Pro II (replaced a set of crashed Teknic Speedstars, which I thought were more comfortable)
Alpinestars SMX
Frank Thomas Leather and CF gloves (model name??, too big but I wear liners under them when it's cold)
I occaisionally wear one of a bazillion sets of MX gloves when it's hot and I'm riding around town.

Back Protector
Dainese Space 1


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