This Month's Featured Bike:
Marco Aceves' Monster S4RS

My first bike was a Yellow 996 Mono.  
I had it for about 14 months when I decided to sell it.  After a year had passed, I was itching to buy another bike.
I wanted an S4R, all black.
It was just like my 996, but a naked version.  
Two dealers I visited could not get the bike to start right. Wow, was I disappointed. I really wanted the bike.
When I finally test-drove the bike, it died on me five times. I had to push the bike back to the dealer.
For the short time I got on the freeway, I felt my body moving back in the seat while holding on for dear life as I gave it gas.  
Not yet fully convinced that the S4R was the bike for me, I ended up purchasing a ’05 R1.





Long story short, a little 620 Monster changed my opinion of Monsters forever.
My friend and I decided to switch bikes one day. Let us just say-----if you drop it---you bought it.
A 245lb man with gear, on a stock 620---can you say, “Bottoming out!”
At any rate, the bike was bone stock and I knew I wanted to mod it as much as possible, especially the suspension. I never thought I would learn so much from a crash.

Way too much $$$ on mods later... transformed the 620 into a hell of a canyon bike. I learned quite a bit from modifying and asking as many questions as I could on the DML. At this point, I really loved the Monster feel, sound and quality.  

Nevertheless, something was missing... more power, more torque, more everything, but in the same package?
There was only one fix…buying an S4R!
I sold my '05 R1 and bought the S4RS.
It represents the perfect naked bike I wish I had as a kid and now own as an adult.





The best way to describe my bike would be, "Less is more."
Hence, the 999 front fairing, the exhaust, tail-chop, STM clutch plate, Crg’s, carbon chain guards, emissions kit, removal of the oil catch.

I still remember when I first got her home - it was like someone sitting in a barber's chair having their haircut and hair falling all around them. Only instead of hair, it was stock parts sprawled on the floor.

My wife’s look on her face as she walked in on my mutilation was priceless; I however had the mother of all grins; like a small child coming home with an A+ on his report card.




Since I spent so much time working on the 620, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what to expect in the transformation process.

I quickly learned through my DML brothers that lowering the S4RS up front, as I had done on my 620, was not the best thing to do. Therefore, I added some Apex clip-ons that would go under the triple and raised the back as high as it would go. 
I pretty much changed everything I could to match my 620. I also removed what I could from the 620 and installed it on the S4RS; the Matris damper, dual lamps, clutch slave, oil breather, BMC air filter, frame plugs, tail chop kit, blinkers, CRG's, etc.

I did have some drawbacks.
My Matris damper kit was built for a 2003 620 Monster but I wanted to use it.
I had to modify the bracket that sits on top of the triple and now it works great. It sits lower than some other kits and clears the tank.

Another hurdle was the Satos. I have said before, Sato rearsets do not come with a right side heal guard for the S4RS.
I thought of making one but realized that other Ducs had one. I ordered a Sato heal guard for a 998 and it fit!
I even chopped my tail-chop kit. I removed the license part and installed the plate under my seat.
Bottom line; do not give up on what you can do to your Monster. If you cannot buy it, make it.

Now that I have the right springs (220-245) installed for my weight along with all the other goodies (Sato Rearsets) that help me achieve my riding style, I will never be able to describe the amount of joy my S4RS brings to me.
I flick her from side to side, gun her down a straight and out of the corner, brake on a dime, and even drag knee on the tightest of corners.
In hindsight... from my 996 and 620, I realized that I had now put together my two favorite bikes into one.
Do not be blind in thinking you need a full fairing bike to ride hard-----Monster’s can do it all.  
Last but not least... I want to thank the DML, the Sponsors and all the helpful members. Thank you for making my bike what it is today.

Ride safe, ICON.


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