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I'm getting volts getting through the fuses that get power from the 30A fuse. I don't get volts through fuses for 'Key on' or Load (From the top, fuse 1 and 3) ...this doesn't change with key on.

With the ignition unplugged I get varying voltage on the red cable on this socket (depending on wiggle from 3-8v and good voltage to small orange).
I traced that wire through the diagrams and got 12v at the origin (30A fuse), 12v at the regulator (both wires) and 12v at the 4 live fuses. I'm wondering if there is a break in connection or joining with another wire. All the other places are not affected even when I plug the ignition switch back in.
Do we know where in the loom these bits of red wire are joined so I can test them or if there are any weak points known about.

If I am barking up any wrong trees let me know.
Thanks for the response
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