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Interesting fault ...needing help. Power failure.

Just wondering if anyone can help with my none starting 2012 696.
I have had a load of issues with charging after having new regulators, new batteries (from birth ...first regulator was just after a year). The alternator bells out fine with a meter and the connections I could get to (without too much stress) seem ok. I now keep things topped up with a trickle charger most regularly.
I ride all the year round to get to work, but daughter was ill over Christmas. This meant that I didn't ride for 3 weeks. Gave a couple of hours charge before starting and very little happened the next morning:
Turned Key and parking light + rear light on.
No pumps, no whirring motors, no instrument panel, no controls ...nothing.
Battery is fine 12.9v, all fuses including main 30A are fine. power is getting to and from the fuse box.

I have a while of having the bike nicely parked in my conservatory (little bit cool I've got to say) to investigate.
Any thought on the first places to check. I can't get the bike to a garage (or afford it) and my body can only handle 12 miles a day cycling for so long.

Much appreciated help needed,
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