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I had originally thought about doing a rattle base for this bike too, in keeping with the shed-built theme, and also because I didn't think I'd be able to get a good match on the CCW color molded tank. red base is among the most expensive colors, and I didn't wanna waste the money if it wasn't even close. However, I'm glad I put the time and money into it. It is soooo close in person.

Isn't that 3/4 rear view angle always the best on any bike?

Pre stix.

Mid stix.

I know it looks pinkish in these, but it's a bluish tint that comes from the clear coat. Funny thing is, the tank is almost exactly the same. No worries though, it's red in the sun. Here's Jr. with poppa.

And all stickered up at RA, waiting to get raced already. Chris, if you read this, I still need more of your stix. Oh, and another tank for the 600M project. I'll def be in touch.

I used paint code #9075, GM Torch Red base - a 1990 to 2016 Corvette color, haha- and Nason Select Clear 496-00 if anyone wants to match a red tank sometime. I'm not sure who manufactured the base, exactly, the can says "No Mix, low voc" and I don't have the receipt handy. I can find out, though, if anyone ever wants to know. It's about as close as you could get for a match.

Race report, full tank review, and further developments later tonight. Gotta make some dinner, in case you didn't figure it out I have a very cool and patient wife, keeping her happy is job one.
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