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But anyway. The same guy I got the SS from gave me this 888 stuff years ago.

The pan is an old fiberglass 916 piece I repaired and modded to fit. Did the same thing to Frank. I'd like carbon pans, I'll get some if I ever trash these, but I had these in my grubby cheap little mitts.

I love this. Easy access, trickness from function. Like it was designed that way or something.

This pic makes me tingly. This is my bike, I built it, there are no others like it.

I paint all my bikes myself. Here's a couple others I've done. Less talk, more eye candy.

My 996. Cheetah bodywork with a lot of prep. Eventually amassed all kinds of cool stuff, mag swing arm, carbon tank, full Sebimoto bodywork, lightweight engine parts, big tube exhaust, etc, parted it all out to build the S2R. Oh well, didn't wanna race a 996.

Daytona. First one the shop ever sold, before a lot of race parts were even available. Trackskinz.

This is one of my buddy's old 750 sport, he's had it since new. I painted the tail with some paint I had left over from other bikes. Close enough match, ya get what ya pay for. This is a cool cool bike, he says I can race it, maybe next year at AHRMA.

Those bikes were all automotive base/clear, but I've done others with a base rattle to save some bucks. The original yellow on the M was rattle can. I always do automotive clear, though, you can't have paint coming off when you spill gas on it. Another one of my race tenets is that one of the most important things is looking good. Seriously, though, sponsors take notice of a well finished bike, that's where their stickers go. Here's a rattle base Ninja 250 I finally got around to finishing and racing in a couple of races in '15. It didn't really take, I'm a Duc guy, it's why I'm building the 600M. Still a cool looking little bike, I did an homage to a Superleggera. I was gonna have stickers made saying either StuporLeggera or PsuedoLeggera, but I sold it.

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