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This was way back in '04, when I first built the M. I had purchased the very same 944 SS the shop built and won the BEARS series with on Ebay, and which I mentioned earlier. I bought it from a guy in Minnesota, and had some doubts when I picked it up, but I knew that the parts were worth at least what I was paying for the whole bike. Sure enough, when I got it home, the motor needed a complete rebuild. Another of my favorite sayings is Track rhymes with Crack. Being that I hadn't taken my first hit yet, I wasn't ready to commit to that bike and sold most of it, although I kept the wheels, trick rare brake setup, and Ohlins shock (the same shock that's on the FE.) I still know the guy who bought that bike, and he still has it; maybe I'll get it back some day. Because I need another bike. Pfft. Anyway, the day I sold him the SS, I bought the M in street form and immediately started stripping it, selling the street parts, and building it into this.

Check out that rear brake, more Corsa exotica from back in the day. I still have the carbon rod, it's on the bike to this day, although I sold the actual caliper, rotor, and mounting bracket after that wheel cracked. 3 spoke mag wheels usually all crack given enough time.

I posted this pic mostly to show the exhaust, though. Typical M bend, probably compromising power at least somewhat, and like I said, it splayed out the right foot and melted a lot of boot heels, well, to boot. The original carbon can blew up too, at which point I replaced it with an M4 carbon can (SV 650 exhaust part, same inlet dimensions, works well, durable, inexpensive, and rebuildable) which promptly blew up on the second lap of a practice session down at Daytona. Turns out the carbon cans can't handle the big twin power pulses, but ti cans work just fine.

Here's the bike after I had the connector made, mocked up with a used tail and the blowed-up carbon can. Real bastard of a system. I love it. Light as can be.

And here it is after I rebuilt the ti can the dude I loaned the bike to trashed when he crashed it back in '11. Yeah, I know the Termi sticker is heresy, sue me. Call it an homage, the ti replacement sleeve is round and tough as nails to fit to the oval end caps, plus it doesn't come pre-drilled. It was a bitch, it took me hours, I earned it. There's the homemade battery box, too.

The wiring harness was simple. Starter button/kill switch, electronic tach, wires for the starter and ignition circuit, took me an afternoon. Way better than a friggin CanBus system, I'll still be riding this long after the ECUs on all the Panigales are fried to a crisp.

All I need. KISS principles apply.

Time to mount the body work. Finally. At this point, I'd been working on the bike on and off for about 15 months, but this was earlier this summer, and I was hoping to finish the bike in time for the AHRMA RA round.

I toyed with the notion of using the SuperMono style bodywork off the SS as I had it and it was painted.

Um, yeah, er, no. I just couldn't do it. I may use that front fairing on the 600M I'm gonna build though, maybe in a half faired configuration. We'll see.

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