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All right. Now, I was back to my same basic bike I started with, but there was a lot of room for improvement. The list was as such.

-Strip the frame of all unnecessary lugs. (LOL. This saved maybe 2 lbs, if that. But hey, nothing is lighter on a race bike than air, and it was free except for the labor.)

-Weld in bracing and mounts for bodywork, coils, and ignitor boxes. (The bracing might have been unnecessary, never had a prob with the frame, but I figured what the hey. For fairings, I had at least one complete set of 888 race bodywork along with additional spares, too, plus I wanted the bike to match Frank.)

-Source a lightweight tank. ( Thank you Chris at California Cycle Works!)

-Source a Corsa 888-style carbon y inlet/fairing stay for the front of the bike (there's a guy in the Czech Republic who makes these, I think it was 320.00 shipped at the exchange rates when I bought this.)

- Motor mods: Remove the generator, and source Malossi short manifolds and 41mm Keihins. I'd originally planned on using the 39s, but decided to go ahead and get the 41's as they're a notable improvement. Surprisingly, I went right on Malossi's website, ordered the manifolds, and they were at my door in like 3 weeks. For 150 bucks. Go figure, I figured they'd be virtually impossible to get. Funny thing is, I still have them, unused, but more on THAT in a bit...

-Get a new can and have a new connector made for the exhaust, which had sustained damage in the last crash. I wanted the new connector to ease the bends in the original system, plus that design had always been too close to the right rear set, interfering with foot position on that rear set. Also, I wanted to relocate the can as well to work with the 888 tailpiece.

- Fab an oil catch can. Frankenduc has an unobtanium cf MS Productions/Corsa 888 piece - told you that bike is so trick - but I was going to have to figure something out. These bikes run open velocity stacks with no air box to speak of (although they do have rudimentary cold air boxes to fair in the sides of the frame and reduce turbulence in the air flow somewhat, pics to follow) so you have to catch the oil from the PCV - big twins, big power pulses, lotta oil coming out of there.

-Make a wiring harness.

- Put it all together and paint it.


Ok, I'm tired, but I'll finish up with a pic of some used bodywork I had mocked up with the new tank. I'll finish this up tomorrow (today?), with a LOT more pics (I promise) and a full review of the tank, among other things. Thanks if you stuck with me this far.

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