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Don't get all pissy with the machine or the designers when they are doing exactly what they wanted to do with the battery.

You, on the other hand my friend, are trying to shove 7 pounds of shit into a 5 pound bag. Whose fault would that be?

Step back and ask yourself, does this battery do what a battery does? Does my bike start when I press the go button? Do the lights work when asked? Then it is working exactly as designed.

Have you considered using a lug at the solenoid? The heavy battery cable comes down to the solenoid and there is a threaded post there. Have you considered not needing so much crap to enjoy the ride? Honestly, you sound like the type of person that overloads the sockets in your home with piggy back plugs for all your gadgets. Go to any auto parts store, or Tractor Supply, and you can buy a 6" or 12" or 14" cable with eyes on each end. Buy a 1/4"x20 bolt and nut, put one end on your battery and one end use the nut and bolt to huuk up your gadgets. Then insulate it from grounding.

Or leave it all at home and enjoy the ride.

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