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Originally Posted by oldndumb View Post
I don't get all the whining about the display?

Sure, it does wash out when sunlight hits it from certain angles, usually from over the rider's shoulder but that does not relegate it to being " invisible during the day due to glare."

Methinks some tend to exaggerate.
Lets see I have 9k miles on this bike love it terribly but the dash with the sun behind you is invisible period. If you disagree with that then you don't ride.....not calling you out but many people trade their bikes in with 1000 miles or less. Then I guess you would be ok with it. I think the bikes expensive and more thought should have gone into it. To me it is just annoying thats all.

For scratches I put this anti glare guard that somebody here pointed me too. No real help on the glare since when I am riding in the am the sun is directly behind me. However, it does stop scratches.
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