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This Month's Featured Bike:
Andi Delis' MH900e 'Malattia'

<Editor's note: Even though Mallitia may not have been born a Monster, her transformation makes her an adopted member of our family, and Andi is definately one of us. Great job, Andi!>

The Story Of Malattia

Once upon a time there was bad MH900e called Hailey …… ?

OK, the creation of Malattia came about in an unusual way, in some ways an unfortunate string of events and some character building moments but now with a happy ending.

The history started way back when it was seemingly a normal MH900e, as time progressed so did the failures of components, I won’t go into much detail but it was enough to classify the bike as a Lemon.

This was very unfortunate and to be fair was the big turning point for developing a big dislike for the bike, even as beautiful as she was she was like the supermodel girlfriend that looked great in public but kept cheating on you.



Ok, so long and short of it I was not keen on keeping the bike, luckily I had not sold my S4 Monsta as this was my basic trusty that was as reliable as the day is long, this was to change.

On April the 25th 2005 (Anzac Day For New Zealand) we went for a normal ride on a normal holiday, my riding buddy, his son and me.


On our return home the Monsta developed a terminal fault either in the electrical or fuelling and burst into flames while I was riding much to my surprise and my riding buddies’s surprise.

The result was 200 hectares of trees burnt, the use of 3 monsoon Helicopters, 4 Fire appliances and 50-60 men, that day was very very sad for me, something you only read about on the internet in some far away place had happened to me.

That was the biggest character building moment of my life and changed the way I thought about things which brings me to why Malattia was built.

Being left with the bike I did not want and could not sell I decided to change things a bit and remove all the components that kept plaguing the bike, when I analysed everything that was a problem I was left with a skeleton of a bike, this bought on my thinking cap, I have always loved naked bike and the streetfighter look, inspired by the Marchia Nera of www.racemetal.com I came up with the idea of building my own Alien Streetfighter, it was to be a huge project and took a lot of will to do it, of interest there is not one part of the MH900e that has given it’s life up to Malattia and the bike can be transformed back to a factory MH900e over a weekend.

The name Malattia was given to the bike by CaliDuc from Speedzilla, he is a good mate having been on the forum for a long time too, he followed my project thru and when I was looking for a name CaliDuc came up with Malattia meaning sick or sickness, the multiple meanings where perfect,

Sick = she used to be very ill
Sickness = owning a Ducati and having modifyitis is a sickness
Sick = too cool for words

So all up it was a perfect match.

I bought an Acerbis Cyclops Alien Headlight, SPA Speedo, Alloy dirt bike bars, a 900SS fuel injected tank, some integral mirrors/indicators from www.speedzilla.com, and some other little bits and pieces.

I hand fabricated the dashboard, Alien chin piece, battery rack holders, steering damper bracketry, wiring loom undertray and a few other parts.

We set to and cut 48 mm off the back of the 900SS tank and reshaped it to fit the MH seat, we also bent the based up some 20 mm to follow the frame lines, we chopped the damper bracket of the old triple clamp to make room for the tank, the steering damper was then relocated under the bottom triple.

It was not too bad as we only spent around 12 hours cutting and fabbing the new panel steel to shape before we had a tank that fitted and fitted well with 17 L capacity, probably 16.5 L useable.

The dashboard took some making, I wanted to retain the ignition key in the same place to retain the steering lock etc, I kept it all as tight as possible to the point of having to fit the Speedo and the ignition together and in sequence to get them in and it worked very well.
The Alien chinpiece under the headlight was my own creation, inspired a bit from some Sci Fi movies like Virus I wanted to make something different and I certainly did that, the design was drawn three times to get the shape correct, I used dinner plates and coffee mugs for the curves, nothing more than that, I just made it all symmetrical and hey presto, I cut the teeth or jaws into it with a plasma cutter which gave me exactly the look I wanted.
The undertray above the front cylinder was made to tidy up and support the wiring loom, this worked out very well, the batteries are all up under the tank, there is enough space under there to park a bus so again to tidy up as much as I could all the electricals etc went up under there away from weather as well which has to be a good thing.
The exhaust I cut 80 mm off to shorten the tail and reduce the cantilevered weight, this also took out a lot of the vibration and wobble that MH900e’s suffer from, this is the main cause of the exhaust cracking and the X bracket failing, I also replaced the bottom rubber soft bushing with aluminium thick ring washers which also took out the wobble effect.
I put the bars on to give the bike the Monsta style riding position, this worked out very well, I bored the existing holes out in the top triple to fit the new bar clamps.

All the aluminium worked was then sent away and natural anodised except for the top triple which was just re-polished to bring it back up to nice look again.

The project is nearly complete now with only an MV style exhaust that is currently being built and relocation of the oil cooler up to the frame, I am riding it now and there are pretty much no bugs to iron out other than getting the PC111 sorted to make her run optimally, I am nearly there with that.

So all in all I have spent well in excess of 200 hours (and some money), most of the stuff I had to build simply because you can not buy it off the shelf, the whole project has turned the bike around from an unwanted POS to a rather cool rendition of a Monsta and now I am enjoying my riding again to the max.

The project was a lot of fun and I have really enjoyed it, it was all fabricated at home bar the welding of the fuel tank, my friends give me a bit of stick about building this bike and intricately finishing it off with a garden rake and sledge hammer….the kiwi way ?


Thanks to CaliDuc for the support and Mark Savory for helping with various ideas and component building and my chickie for the support of getting the project done and finally cheers to all the DMLers who have given the props for an interesting project.







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